The diversity and breadth of the various curricula offered through the College of Humanities & Social Sciences provides students with a foundational base of skills that can be used not only in the classroom, but in further study or a future career as well. These skills include analytical reasoning, communication, and critical thinking. The Humanities & Social Sciences Communication Studio, Studio 151, helps to hone these important tools, and also gives students a chance to enhance their communication abilities by providing state-of-the-art workspaces and technology for written, oral, visual, and technological communication projects.

    H&SS also has excellent and committed teachers and as a student, you have opportunities to work one on one with them on undergraduate research projects. You also have the chance to work closely with faculty members in study abroad programs, Service-Learning courses, and internships.

    Each year, students from the College of Humanities & Social Sciences receive recognition for their outstanding undergraduate accomplishments. In years past, students have been designated as Truman Scholars, Goldwater Scholars, members of the USA Today All USA College Academic Team, members of the LSU Tiger Twelve, and have received many other distinguished awards.